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:huh: :blink: :ph34r: I need to know what kind of block is in a 94 Accord Wagon? the owner claims it is vtech. I was planning to do the sir b-16a swap into my 91 crx hf, then this wagon that had been rearended was offered to me for $600. can I do the swap with the wagon as a donor?

also, I need to find a comprehensive step-by step guide to the sir b-16a swap into 91 crx hf, preferably free.
thanks for helping guys.
If it's an LX, it has an F22B2(130hp). If it's an EX, it has an F22B1(145hp). I know the EX is a VTEC motor, not sure about the LX, though I don't think it is. Easiest way to tell is to look for a VTEC solenoid and pressure switch. As for a B16 in an Accord Wagon: 1.It doesn't bolt in, 2.No one makes a kit because noone would want to do that swap, and 3. you're talking about putting a hi-revving, torqueless motor into a 4000 lb. car. Maybe I got it all wrong and you were talking about putting the Accord's motor in the Rex, but that's not a good idea either. Too much expense, too much weight, too much understeer, not enough power. Word of advice, stick with the CRX for a swap.

ALSO, pissedoffsol said it best: Vtech is a phone, VTEC is an engine. I'm not trying to be an ass, I just don't want to see you get flamed off the board :p

Hope that helps.
stick with the B16 in the rex, i wouldnt even buy the accord, not worth all the hassle

yeah stick with the 16 in the rex cause you would just go mad in the persuit of the accord in the rex and end up wasting time and money...
Thanks y'all I can't believe that I spelled VTEC like that. "err" Also thanks for the info on the wagon I won't buy it. I will get the B16a1, and Hasport mounts. I see that there are several posts warning about Osaka motors. they seem to be the most reasonably priced and the most complete swap kits, but what gives, do they rip people off or what? I saw on their web site that someone has been using there name to scam unwary buyers. Also the Osaka web site states that the motors are for off road use only. Can I still get one to pass emissions in the US? Or should I spend $200 more to get one somewhere else? :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
i'd avoid buyin' an engine from osaka, just cuz of the bad shit i've also read about them. i'd go with H-Motors Online or Flash Options. Flash Options seems to have the best prices but they are overseas and shipping to the US is $330 for a front clip. I'm not sure how much shipping is with H-Motors is or if it is included in their prices. H-Motors has a very good rep and as far as i know, nobody on this board has bought from Flash Options, but brian has said that he has talked with them and they seemed very professional. if it was up to me, i'd buy from Flash Options, their prices are great and their swaps are very complete. you can usally get an entire front clip from Flash Options for around or less than the price of what H-Motors charges for what they claim to be a "complete swap".

:worthy: Flash Options :worthy:
on alot of there swaps at flashoptions.com, they up-ed the prices about 500 and then said free shipping with this engine. I am pretty sure that means, free shipping from asia to us then you have to pay a shipping company to deiliver it from the port to your house.

Eric @ Hybrid Revolution .com (member here) has been very quick to answer my emails and his prices are better than flash options plus he is based in the us (flashoption is in mylassia (sp?)