LS Swap

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Im planning on swapping in a LS motor soon. Before the motor goes in the car, i want to make sure it is 100% reliable. Anybody know any parts that are a good idea to replace with parts from another b-series motor? (oil pump, rods, etc....) Basically any weak point in the b18b's design is what im trying to fix. The motor will see some boost soon, although probably not over 6-7 psi.
Thanks for your advice!
if you're worried about reliability, don't just swap parts out from one used motor to another. rebuild the damn thing w/ quality parts and put your worries to the side. yeah it might cost a few extra $$ up front but you'll be happier in the long run
How many miles are on the motor? You will probably only need to replace the Water Pump, Timing Belt, Distro Cap, and Rotor. Then you should be fine.
im asking if there are any inherently weak parts in the b18b? For exampe, i know the oil pump doesnt flow as high as a b16 or gsr motor, anybody know any other parts?
i got an '87 accord lxi and i want to swap motors. I have a 2.0 now and id like to keep the 2.0, but want it built. Is a Vtec an option. I still have to smog, so i cant go overboard. im hoping that ill be able to keep my stock 2.0 and drop in a new motor and then swap back to my old one. Any ideas? Has this been done before?
Drop a B20B or B20Z in there with some nice high compression pistons- you'll have tons of torque, and still be smog legal... and not have spent too much money. You can also build a B20/VTEC, but that's not always smog legal, depending on where you are.
skinkerband do you live in CA?? (i noticed you mentioned smog) cuz if so the B20B or B20Z swap is illegal. your swaps have to be from passenger vehicle to passenger vehicle.. you cant swap light truck to passenger vehicle.. i sux.. i hate these rules.. and what else you could swap??
I honestly dont know.. ive never heard or seen anybody do a swap in that car.
Is the 97-01 CRV classified as a light truck? I thought it was still given 'car' plates.
in CT, all light trucks are given combo plates now...
Trust me, the stock LS (B18A1) is 7200 RPM. I drove that motor for almost 2 years.