Ls Vtec Or Gsr

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got a question for anyone who is willing to answer.. Would it be cheaper and better if i was to turn my LS into a vtec head. or so swap to a GSR engine???? Would i get more horsepower out of the GSR or the LS/Vtec.. Whats better to mod after also????
If you do the bare minimum to add a VTEC head to the LS, that build will be cheaper. I would reccomend doing more than the bare minimum though. Once you have the LSVTEC put together and running well they are both easy to modify. If you enjoy working on engines, and you don't mind completely tearing your engine down and rebuilding it then go with the LSVTEC. If you don't want to mess with the internals then get the GSR.
going ls/vtec requires a lot of work.
a gsr is a pretty straight forward swap.

IMO, if your wallet can take it- get the gsr.