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Well I am looking at getting an LSD for my Turbo Accord and my mechanic who uses a Quafe says that I should just get a Phantom Grip! I have seen Sport Compact and Turbo magazine both say they work great but has anyone ever used one! If you have ever used one let me know what you think! Thanks, Jason
phantom grip is questionable. its going to work better than an open differential but its not going to be as effective as a type s/quaiffe or any other aftermarket lsd.

if you've ever looked at a phantom grip, its designed to go inside the stock differential and its just two blocks of steel that are spring loaded. its a simple, yet somewhat effective design that i've heard mixed reviews about. i think you should look for a type s transmission so you get optimal gear ratio's and an OEM honda lsd.
Ya, I did some research, sounds like the Phantom Grip works ok at first but it puts a lot of stress on you differential and can cause bigger problems later on! I talked to a few places and it look like I can get a 97 Prelude Type S tranny for about $1000 so I may just do that! DOHCVtec Accord are you positive it will bolt up, I have always thought that and most people say yes but one Engine building shop told me it wouldn't! I am assuming it will work though!
I'm pretty sure, and let me tell you why. When I ordered my clutch and flywheel package online, the Clutchmasters parts numbers for both those items were the same whether I wanted one for an Accord tranny or Prelude tranny. If you want a third opinion, call Honda or a local performance shop that you trust.