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Okay, so I ordered a head gasket from Majestic Honda ( Majestic Honda - The Internet's #1 Honda Automotive Parts Store ) and they sent it to me in a box that was almost 4" shorter than the gasket. So, to make it fit they put one end of the gasket in the box, then pushed down on the middle until they could close the box. I just got the gasket yesterday, and overnight it has flattened out some, but I wanted to find out if anyone else had run into a problem like this. Basically, I wanted to get some second opinions before I called them up and bitched them out and made them send me another gasket.

wow that is fucked! call them up for sure.

that place is literally 20 minutes from my office.
wow... never heard of that happening.. they are usually the best to buy from.. contact them.. i'm sure they'll send out another
take pics of the box and the gasket next to each other.. make sure the label is visible saying majestic honda.. just shows proof the box was 4" smaller.. sounds like whomever shipped it out was having a bad day

and one for a laugh
lol i was thinking the same thing.

but yeah, def take a pic and bitch them out and demand a new gasket. don't even bother installing that one.
you know better than to link NWS images in the non nws forums.. come on man
Wow that is messed up. I have never heard of anything like that before. My buddy and I order from all the time and have never had a problem.
i called them friday, and i'm now waiting for another one to come in
good shit,if that gasket is only bent,save it,but it under your bed and use it next time