May seem easy to you...

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How the fuck do you get the crankshaft pulley off and also the alternator pulley off. I don't want to resort to using a plasma cutter on them.

get the car up as high as you can and use a large half inch drive ratchet w/ an impact socket and about a 4 foot bar to torque it off with
those are the only two ways i have done it .. i think the dealership has a special tool they use, but i doubt they will let you use/rent/buy it
The motor's on a stand, I guess I will keep messing around with it.

You can't get it with an impact gun? For your alternator, you can try heating up the nut with a propane torch. Keep the flame on it until it's searing hot, then take an impact gun to it. The heat should expand the nut enough to peel it off. The crank pulley bolt, well...i have no other ideas. Make sure the compressor is at full charge, and there's no extentions or adaptors for your socket set. Just gun and socket...nothing else.
heating it up worked for me. but instead of the impact, i just stood on a breaker bar and it broke loose. and im only 165 lbs!