Mini Me Problem

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i just installed a Y8 head on my A6 bottom w/ an A6 intake manifold, and I added coolant when it was all done. I am getting some leak right around where the coolant line comes into the intake manifold on the passenger side. anyone have any ideas why this is happening? thanks in advance.

sohc em

just a guess but when i put the Y8 on my Z6 head the hole for the Y8 coolant line on the intake mani is round(and the Y8 head is round too) and the Z6/A6 is rectangular, did you modify the gasket for it? cuz if not that is more than likely your problem


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not 100% sure about the y8 head but on my d16z6, the thremostat gasket has a little thing that sticks out and has to fit in a little indentation on the thermastat housings. If you dont do this, your going to get leaks from this area (happen to me).


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actually, I'm an idiot. I put the intake gasket on backwards. so the side w/ the coolant line didn't have any gasket around it, so it was just flowing out. i've got it fixed now.

i have a v-afc, but I haven't hooked it up yet. i tried driving it around w/out it today, and it works, but its REALLY slow. it seems to rev up pretty fast at idle, but when I put it in gear and drive, it just goes really slow, like something is bogging it down. i don't think its supposed to be this slow. what do you guys think?