Misses when hott!!!!!????

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Hey guys..Just resently I found out that my 94 hatch with a d16z6 misses when hot in the lower rpms...I don't understand why its doing this...Everythings stock..Im waiting for a motor so I can build an all motor lsvtec this winter...Could this be the plugs n wires or cap n rotor? This motors just gotta last me few more months...Please someone help me out!!!!


Well, first i would try a basic tune up, then the o2 sensor as suggested. :unsure:
a non functioning o2 sensor would throw a code.
An o2 sensor in the middle of going bad, or not completely bad will not.
In my 89 prelude i had 2 o2 sensors and neither threw codes, and both of them were bad.
As soon as my car warmed up it would misfire until around 3k rpms then clear itself up and go normal.
After replacing both, everything was perfect again.
i`d say begin by checking the dizzy (rotor and cap) ... then coil, ignitor .. and all the rest