My New Project

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for those that dont know its a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI practically bone stock excpet for the Webber BIG BORE throttle body, the colour is Vette anniversary blue (prolly gonna repaint it that colour), has the shitty 14" snowflakes...hopefully I can get my hands on a cabriolet parts car so I can do the round headlights upfront (cuz the squares aint doin it)...there are a crap load of plans for this oldie (hell its older than some people on this site) and a shit load of work, but if can remake my crx this is a walk in the park... check out my crx its old pics but u see what the car went through and the VW has way less rust than the crx did!!!
Sweet car, for some reason I have always liked the 83-84 gtis. Are you going to auto-x it or is it a street car?
ya, no doubt, great job on that rex, that must have been some serious work!
i almost bought a 84 GTI ... sweet project ... a friend of mine has one pushing 350whp and weighing in at 1700lbs ... its pretty sick
well this bunny is hopefully gonna be an all round quick multi use daily driver...dont really want anything more than 200ponies when all is through...just enough to have some fun and still be a nice driver with decent fuel economy...I think a nice G60 swap will help me achieve these goals 1.8l supercharged, works for me!

and ya that crx was DEAD excpet the heart was still beating strong...thanks for the compliments!
My dad had an 85 GTi Wulfsburg edition.. White with the navy interior, 4 door with a 5 speed. THAT was a sweet ass Rabbit ;)

My sis killed it when I was 12, rear-ended a Buick :(