Need Advice On A 89 Integra Rs

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Junior Member
I have a 1989 Acura integra RS with a B16 DOHC and a 5 speed. I need to change the motor and I have found a B18 motor from a 91 integra with an auto. Does anyone know if these motors will swap out and I can still use my 5 speed trans. Its just been rebuilt and I would like to keep it in there.
Any help will be appreciated.
I don't see why not,both are B series,your B16 tranny should bolt right up,and the motor should bolt right in.
Hmmmm...I was thinking Rsi which did come with a B16A,but in the states,your right more than likely,it came with the D16A3.But he may have stuck a B16 in,or imported it.
You guys are right.....I just checked the motor and it says ...... D16A1 on the block....What motor would fit in this car?
ZC,any D series,or B series with mounts.You will have to wire the vtec,knock,or IAB(B18C1) depending on which motor you get,but the cheapest and easiest would be another D series.
Thanks for all your help guys...I have done some swaps in the 5th gen. accords but this is my first on this type of car...Thanks for the advice.