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im finally ready to build my motor and i need a little help on my setup.......

my plans as of right now are:

-top end-
crower valves, springs, and retainers
crower turbo race cams
crower cam gears
portflow full race pnp

-bottom end-
crower 2.0 stroker kit w/ 8.5 CR
import builders sleeving

-fuel system-
aem rail,reg, and filter
255lph fuel pump
550cc rc injectors

i wanna make somewhere b/w 500 and 550 whp, i plan to piece together a turbo kit and i need help with turbo selection. i am thinking about going with a turbonetics T4 w/ a tubular stainless manifold, 3" stainless downpipe, spearco f/m intercooler, 3" intercooler piping, turboxs BOV and boost controler.

does this setup look ok for the numbers i am hoping, or am i on the wrong track? i am kinda new to boost so any help would be greatly appreciated. also, i am worried about turbo lag, any suggestions?



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i have 10k to spend on the motor and the transmission

i was planning on running an ls transmission, dues to the longer gears, along with a lsd

does this setup look like it will yield around 550 to the wheels with minimal turbo lag and good throttle response?

also, what is a reputable company that does custom stainless turbo mainfolds and downpipes?



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jdm itr tranny is where its at but buy onne from here




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the jdm itr has short gears, i thought that with boost you wanted long gears so that you could stay at optimum boost for longer?

i already have a gsr tranny, would i be better off to just rebuild it and use the lsd than to go with the ls tranny?


GSR>LS Stick with the GSR and sure, add LSD to it too. GSR stock is stronger too. I believe it has a stronger diff.
Shorter gears = faster accelaration.


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since no ones answering your Q...i think u should go with the Sc-60 or sc-61....those turbo's support up to 500 and 600 horsepower,and would be more sure a T4 could make it that high too,but its all on how close u want to cut it...

as long as u do full upgrades....3'' exhaust...660cc or 720cc injectors..big fuel pump,etc...and tune it right..and build the motor..u will make it to 500 horsepower...

make sure u get :

Aftermarket radiator
Big cooling fan
Bigger fmic
3" exhaust piping
Big Wastegate (38mm)
Big injectors
Big fuel pump
Fuel rail (optional)
wideband O2 sensor
Dyno time

if u build that head and block the way u say you are..and boost it..that will put u at about 500...if done right.


if you want to make 500+ hp, here's the set up.
you have 10k to spend, good. you'll need it... and a litle more even.

GSR block:
Benson Sleeves, 84mm. Contact for info.
CP pistons, 9.5:1 compression. 8.5 is was too low.
Pauter Rods
moroso oil pan
itr oil pump

thats about 3-4k

portflow or RLZ valve springs, retainers, MILD port work
crower 402T cams, or just stock gsr cams
JG intake manifold, or other high volume plenum.


GSR, Quaiffe LSD
gator stage 2 axles
act clutch/pp

if you already have the gsr tranny, thats like 2k in parts.

turbo setup: stage3 w/ t3/t67

fuel management:
walbro 255
uberdata or better EMS
GEmfg fuel rail filter-rail SS line
800-1000cc injectors

1-3k depending on ems

3" exahust
gauges, misc electronics, boost control, etc...

1-2k or even more...

so yeah, i blew away 10k a long time ago.

good luck. :p