New Board

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also, are you going to be able to put the logo up on the top or is going to stay inVision discusson board? ;)

so far i like what i see
:blink: saving any of the old stuff? or is this once again a new start for everything? why am I asking you on here? Im talking to you on im... ohwell I guess other people will want to know
The mods such as quick reply will come with time. This is a WHOLE new style of scripting that I need to familiaize myself with.

The icon/ header will be changed as well. as it sits, this is the default board settings. I'm trying to get the coubnter and stuff back in as well.

give me some time foo' :)
this is a test...and yo! this site is way pimp! :)

i just noticed it has a to 10 posters thingie, and a top 10 of all time posters thingie. this place is post whore friendly!! LoL
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Sep 28 2002, 02:22 PM
i will always come here as long as there is a hondaswap you will see me!

roger that.

haha brian, again your post lead is dimishened. :lol:

I want to use my old avitar not some stupid smiley.
this is going to take a little getting used to.. woah those are some funky smilies :blink: