New Project Car

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Not to long ago we got done putting an ACT clutch in my 93 prelude.. and the night after I roll the shit after try`n to dodge a coyote.. ain't that some shit.. well I found another lude, for 500bucks.. 92 with 100,000 on with a blown head gasket.. auto trans.. I want to convert it but i don't know how hard that will be to make it a 5spd.. any advice.. it has the 2.3 in it also as the old one, im going to slam a h22 SiR in there as soon as i go buy it more than likely, its really a piece of crap right now.. but i've lost my lic cause of the wreck to many points taken from me :angry: .. but that is all fun and games.. the cars title says it has been wrecked twice and paid for by insurence.. then, last year it was stolen and wrecked.. and it sits at a service station where it was stolen a year ago again.. and its about to be my show car.. gonna upload some pics when i get it and gonna upload the pat maxwell designs pic of it on my website.. holla at me if ya have any advice about the trans or where u would start if u was in my shoes