New Years Resolution Thread

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So since it is that time of year again when we make resolutions that we never keep, or we try to keep but never end up actually doing. I think I have kept 1 of my resolutions that I actually made. So let's see what all the Hondaswapper's will be trying to do this year..

Me- I want to go back to school to get my BS, and I have actually already talked to a couple schools, So I think I am going to end up doing it....
get my own place.
start school(i never thought that id actually WANT to go back to school after graduating early).
I started mine yesterday, Started the Gym back up. I was doing good until i went to Utah in November haven;t been since then until yesterday

And yeah I'm with B, start paying down my debt and stop buying cars I have had 6 in 3 years.
im not really sure.

i own everything i have. im not in debt. i have tons of fun all weekend and yeah.

idk i guess double my salary. yeah there we go.