Nitrous and tuning it

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ok... im thinking real hard about nitrous over turbo right now, mainly because of money reasons (dont we all have these?) anyhow, im aiming at the zex kit from i was wondering what that little purple box does? i plan on getting hondata anyway, im guessing it would be a good time to do so with the kit? this might take supiriority over the slipstreams, which might get taken over by moving into a new house, dunno which yet. anyhow, any input would be appreciated.
the little purple box is the "brain" of the nitrous unit. its called the Nitrous Management Unit (NMU). it has all of the solenoids and electronics of the system built into one little box. its a snap to install... just make sure you have a vacuum ported fuel pressure regulator and maybe try to get the zex booster fuel pump... i got one for $180 on ebay brand new. and they sell for $199 on i think... and i would also consider getting a b&m fuel pressure regulator... (if you dont already have one)... any other questions? :spin:
The purple box houses the solenoids and electronics, as mentioned before. The electronics of it control fuel pressure based on the pressure of the nitrous in the bottle, to make sure the a/f ratio is good at all times while spraying. As for the FPR its a good idea, but the inline pump is not needed. I used a 75 shot on my LS with no fuel/ignition mods, you just need to use 2 step colder than stock NGK copper plugs, gapped to .030", and retard ignition timing accordingly with shot size.