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Hey guys

I'm building an ls/Vtec, with a 94 ls buttom end and a 99 SiR(canadian) or a 97 Type R head...now I will be switching from Obd 1 to Obd2..how do i do this, and what all do I need to complete the process, I have no idea on the wiring for the car, so I am turning to the techies here on hondaswap for info...I don't wanna screw something up and the car not run at all...anyway let me know asap thanks

you can stay obd1 with an obd2 head, is the head complete, including sensors, intake mani?

Yah the head I'm going to use is coming with all the sensors intake mani, all that stuff...Does that mean that I won't need to change to Obd 2 or with that can I stay Obd1 and just use all the stuff that comes with the head.
what realy matters is WHAT CAR year/obd this is going into.

The Set up is going into a 94 Integra ls...which is still Obd 1..thats why im having the trouble because people are telling me I need Obd 2 for the head that i wanna run....Whats true??, and can you help me out with what I will need if I do have to convert to Obd 2.

Get the wiring harness from an OBD1 distro, and replace any sensors with the OBD1 counterparts that will not fit into your OBD1 harness, then you won't need to convert to OBD2.