P72 ECU In Civic

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Hey. I have a GSR swap with a P72 ECU. Now my civic is OBD1 and my ECU is ODB2. I have the convertion harness but kept throwing check engine light for knock sensor. Just wondering where the knock sensor is suppose to be wired in the ECU. People tell me that its different for OBD1 and OBD2. Its in D3 now. Is the the correct location?
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Knock sensor in correct spot. What else could throw the code? My buddy metioned to just disable the knock sensor. Is that worth the time and engine?
Stay Obd-1 cause it has more tuning options and Obd-2 has more sensors to deal with. Can't disable knock sensor on Obd-2 and if so it will be expensive to do that being that you will have to chip it. Erick's racing can do Obd-2 chipping but prices range over $200+