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I got a stock (not for long) '91 civic. it just started to overheat and its runnin' all screwy. It appears to be the thermostat, but at the same time this has happened my heater (a nessecity in NY during this time of year) blows cold. It doesnt make any sense to me that the car would run dangerously hot, yet blow cold air outta the heater. What the hell is wrong?!?!?
make sure you have enough coolant and make sure all your hoses to the radiator are clamp on tight...i meant loose tubings at all..its probably loose so it does have pressure to return the hot coolant ...thats why you dont get hot air..
usually if a car overheats and blows cold air there is no water in it but if your gauge is reading hot it could be thermostat stuck shut or water pump. try taking thermostat out and drive it. see what it does still over heats def no circulation. water pump
first things first check out the thermostat if it's not finished, in your case it's problably stays shut as farmer_jason says. If all the easy solutions don,t work Then I would get your coolant system flushed as i've seen heater core beeing clogged which answers the cold air problem.Also there could be air in the system which usualy stays stuck in the heater core which also causes the cold air. Worst case scenario if it's stays the same after the changing of the thermostat and the rad flush , I don't want to scare you but i've seen craked head gaskets do this also. But the easy stuff will most likely solve your problem.
Hope this could help you out. :)
i'd say flush your coolant.... then get a new thermostat and then if it doesn't fix your problem then blame it on your heater core.... but with a flush and thermostat your looking at a whopping $20, and yeah i'm in upstate NY too, its cold as fuck