Prelude Problems

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my 96 prelude died last sunday in my driveway. for some reason it just quit pumping gas to the engine. at first i thought feul pump but i have never heard of one just dying like that i mean i had driven the car 2 hours earlier. i think we are going to make sure the fuel pump is getting elctricity but after that i don't know were to look for the prob. any help would be greatly apreciated. :(
Must not be any technicians in here. Yes, fuel pumps do quit like that. There should be a schrader valve like that on a tire, but bigger, somwhere on the fuel rail (line to all the injectors) Turn the key on and off several times, then push that little valve, It should squirt fuel out (watch your face) If not, it's either the pump, or the relay. Have fun!
You will have to check your service manual, but it should be in the fuse/relay box under the hood. Check for fuel pressure first, though, as it still could be something else. Always diagnose the problem first. Engine require 3 things to run, spark, fuel, and compression(air). You obviously didn't lose compression overnight, so that leaves the other two.
dammit i have a similar problem.

its not a consistant thing it just does it occasionally. (doesnt matter when or where thou its usually on a slope) usually it starts fine but several time now it just doesnt turn over and keep running. it tries to start and does fire but then stalls out. pressing the gas does nothing to help either :(
the last time this happened i had 20km on a FULL tank o fuel.
Good chance that the pump has died. Time to drop the tank. I hope it's not full. It wouldn't be a blown fuse in that box, though. There should be a bank of relays in there, which should be identified in the lid, or in your service manual, and one of them should say "fuel pump relay" It's more likely that the pump itself failed (murphy's law) and you probably just filled her up!
That could be the pumps way of telling you it on it's way out, but your's is more likely an eletrical issue(intermittent). Next time it does it, check fuel pressure as I mentioned above, to eliminate the fuel system as an issue.
BTW, opening the throttle on a computer controlled vehicle while cranking is a no-no, and does no good. It can screw up how the ECU(Brain) reads the signal from the TPS(throttle position sensor) and cause the car to not start at all.
something is causing my battery to run down while it is sitting in the driveway. we went out to check to see if there was spark to the plugs and it was completely dead. goes to figure though cars hate me. well we got the battery juced up and saw that there was no spark.
just as a side note i paid to get the security sys taken off the car becauseit kept going off for no reason and it went off while we were trying ot check the spark. teh punk at circutcity will die a painfull death.
oh yeah the fuel pump is easily accesible from under the trunk board. just for reference.
alright here it is if you do not have spark the fuel pump will not turn on this is hondas little way to keep the car from fluding so check your ignition system what usuallys happens is that the acg fuse blows this will disable the ignition
this fuse is located next to an extra fuse so some times people pull it when they blow a fuse if this is not the case chaeck all the fuses if they are ok the problem is 95% the ignitor is bad and honda is known for this problem they will just poop out and some times they will take out the coil as well so see if you can get a distributor from a friend to try and if that is it you know what you need to buy so good luck and remember that the fuel pump only works when the ignition system works
if you have any more questoins please e-mail me at chad
i got my car back yesterday form the shop. we just didn't have the time to invest to mess with it. the shop said that a wire burt up in the ecu. he said it was the first time he had ever seen that in any car. i for sure would have never geussed that. oh and my alarm sys. was from satan so it was what was draining the battery. we had it removed. piece of junk. don't buy a viper alarm.
You could have a busted TDC sensor, check it out. That's required for the car to properly time the ignition.
Originally posted by Vexamus@Feb 12 2003, 09:59 AM
You could have a busted TDC sensor, check it out. That's required for the car to properly time the ignition.

That'll usually throw a code, though. I forget what the TDC sensor code is on Hondas....
Originally posted by 96prelude@Feb 12 2003, 04:53 PM
what is a tdc sensor. should i still care if my car runs great?

No, dude, your golden. :)