Question about Sigs...

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Ok some people have links in their sigs that work...

It seems that HTML and BB code are disabled for me... I've noticed it disabled for some others as well... wazzup with that? :(
He said "god"... which I take to mean something entirely different than "God."

The capitalized version is all-knowing... the lowercase version is defined (in one way) by Merriam Webster to be "one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality"...

Since sol controls this little part of reality, (these forums)... his claim is valid. :p
yes- don't you remeber god? my alter-ego on the old board? haha

yes, i was god :)
what if god was one of us?? just a stranger on the bus?? just a guy driving a sol, trying to make his way home... lmao.. sorry after reading this thread that song popped in my head.. damn it.. it better get out too.. fuckers
Quotes in the sig need to work again!