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ok i know that the b16a2 will bolt into my civic but is it as easy as it sounds my haynes book says to pull my radiator , fans and starter is this a must? also i know im gonna have to add like 3 wires to my harness is this easy?how long should it take me to swap out my engines should i try to save the money or the trouble?are the axles easy to hook i was all about it but now im havin doubts i dont wanna mess my car up i just need to know what im jumpin into thanx
you need mounts.. what yr of car are you swaping it into? the b16a2 is obd 2.. if you car is 92-95 you need obd 1 ECU to run it (for mounting it.. you need a del sol vtec rear mount and the other 2 teg mounts). If its a 96-00 civic, then you need the 99-00 Si rear mount and the other 2 teg mounts.

Is it hard? how much knowledge do you have as for cars? If you haven't ever hooked up an axle, do you think you can do a tranny, all vaccum lines, wires and stuff? That is up to you. You dont have to pull anything like that, but you do have to completely pull your motor.
i want to do this to a 93 civic 2dr dx and a 94 civic 2dr dx whats obd mean?
Originally posted by lilthom@Jan 20 2003, 09:32 PM
im tryin to learn here

you're in the right place.

take your time. you are FAR from ready to be doing a swap. read all our articles- stick around for a couple months- read everything... THEN we can start talking about having you do your own swap :)
It is cool that you are wanting to do your own swap..But it realy sounds as if your are not ready to take on the task..They are all right you need to either read as much as you can and take your time or pay a pro to do it..if you jump into it now with out the right knowledge you will only cost your self time and maby even more money..WE are not trying to put you down. WEre only trying to guide you in the right direction..
thanx you guys for your inputs and ive been readin as much as possible and still have a few questions my main one right now is...i know where my ecu is but wheres the wire harness and if the motor i get comes with the ecu where do i need to add the other wires for vtec and stuff thanx