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ok what do you guys all pay a year/ mounth for inshurance
i live in alberta and tried to renew this year i have 6 years good driving 5 speeding tickets and thats it
and they want 4800 a fucking year i phoned like 30 ppl and that was the cheapest for plpd with teft wtf
60 a month y0 and i'm 18. Liability on the Civic. Since its winter here and my car is currently down, i was added to my dads insurance to drive his truck or car. Myself upped his insurance (full coverage) ~500 a month. I have 3 wrecks in 2 years. :spin:
Let's see... combined with full coverage on the 4 door, and liability/towing on the CRX, I'm paying about $1700 a year in good ol' expensive Dallas.
you have 5 recent speeding tickets? and your wondering why you have to pay alot?
1993 hatch in cali. liablility 800 a year, after the swap im bumpin it up to cover it some more, right now i really could careless
well i am under my parents insurance but i pay 130 a month and im rated on a dodge ram 50. If i was rated on my Lude itd be 200+ a month for full coverage
475 for 6 months of tickets or wrecks ever
300, a month full coverage '02 SI, with me and my girlfriend on it, we live together. She has a clean record and I have 1 accident and 1 ticket for running a red light. Through AllState.
1994 Del Sol SI, 2 accidents, 3 tickets ever, 20yrs old (for another 15 days!!!!)
$750 per year with AAA, full coverage with $500 deductibles.

Listed under the parents plan, as away at college *snicker*.
AAA Homeowners discount
Multicar discount (5 cars)
Dual Airbags discount
Alarm system discount
and the Away at College discount
umm I don't have insurance till August because of gay quote. Vern Fonk, cheapest place around, quoted meh 2200 every 6 months and it will change to state farm in 6 months with my mom's who is at vern fonk. State Farm only wants 220 without my good grades 3.0 discount, multi car (3), and under 15 miles to and from school/work so I am having to wait and drive the mini-van. It sucks being only 16. THe quote is for full coverage and parts insurance with a $500 deductible.
those five tickets are more than 1 1/2 years for two of them and 2 1/2 for three of them but up here in alberta it is private insurance and they are fucking us over