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umm no tickets or accidents. 99 Civic Dx Coupe . dont know what i pay since i am in school parents pay it so i can focus on school work B)
Originally posted by zueke@Feb 25 2003, 06:33 PM
Alarm system discount

Zueke, how much did you save with this. I hate alarms but depending on how much it saves, i think i will install a basic one.

BTW. AAA insurance, 95 sol SI, 16 year old male. Limited liability (i think that is what it is called, where if i get in a crash and it is less then 50% my fault, they give me money) under my dads policy, $70 per month and i have no tickets or accidents yet, knock on wood.
1994 civic 4dr, $800 full coverage under parents' name, if i take off full coverage ill pay like $.73, my dad is pretty damn old
300 a month full coverage on a del sol vtec, with only one wreckless op.