Rs Motor Into 93 Civic Hb Cx

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I am pretty sure that I am going to drop a integra rs motor into my 93 civic hb cx.Is this a good swap or am I wasting my time?am I going to notice a real differance.I dont have alot of money so that is why I picked the rs motor.Please everybody tell me what you think.If your comments are negative go easy on me. :worthy:
What year is the motor?If it is a B18B it will be a easy good swap,if it is B18A it will be annoying as hell as the tranny and depending on year OBD is different.
B18A1 90-91 OBD 0
B18A1 92-93 OBD I
B18B 94-95 OBD I <---switched to hydraulic clutch
B18B 96-00 OBD II

From a CX you will feel a great deal more power.
Originally posted by twerker08@Feb 25 2003, 04:09 AM
Which one is easier to swap 94-95 or 96-00 and which one is better?

Both are the same motor,except the OBD,for your car the OBD I 94-95 is going to be the easiest.
Would you have a swap guide for the 94-95 Ls motor and the swap guide for the 94 gsr motor.If not where would I find it?