Sick of the cold

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Do work
I want to ride. It's eating at my. I go to my moms house and start my bike up, (I moved around Thanksgiving and haven't brought my bike yet,) and it just eats at my. I took it for a 5 minute ride the other day, but it wasn't enough. Sorry. Just ranting.
i know the feeling i started mine up two weeks ago when it was nice and took it for a 5 min ride. Then it downpoured out of no where on me :(
I'll be headed to SoCal in a couple weeks, so riding season will be just about here--even though they just got a snow storm.
Booking a ticket anytime before 3 weeks of the departure will cost 2x, if not more. I booked it for the cheapest, closest date, which happened to be March 3rd.
Come down to south FL, but not too far south. It starts getting real shitty once you go further south than my town. It gets chilly, but very seldom is it too cold to ride with two good layers.

09 cbr600 ftw =D
For the most part, ANY bike that is rideable is FTW.
lol true.

My buddy had one of these midnight maxim 750 it was so fun. First bike i ever rode and i cracked it wide open first ride. What a rush! lol

I haven't been riding in about 2 weeks. We've had OK weather here, just freezing cold mornings, and by the time I get off work, I'm usually too tired. I don't like riding when I'm not in tip-top condition.
Better to be safe than sorry. Being tired or having your mind on 10564650 other things is a good way to get yourself into trouble. There has only been one time that I have ridden when I wasn't at my peak, and from there I decided that it wasn't worth the risk.
I rode today... hit a little bit of rain on my way to school. Thankfully this crappy weather is a rarity in soCal. :D
Don't hate on SoCal. We can't help it you like to live where it rains 364 out of 365 days a year...:ph34r:
it doesn't rain that much....we get an awesome summer. it's the only thing that keeps me here.
I've always wanted to visit. Maybe someday in a few years I'll go and see it. I've heard it's nice. I've also heard that Oregon is really nice, too.
yeah, it's all really nice. our condo has a guest suite for $100/night in downtown seattle if you are ever up this way.
I'll keep it in the back of my head. With the muffin coming out of the oven, it may be a while before I can break away to do anything like that...