SIRII in 94 civic ex (OBD1)

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Don't harass me about this. I have searched here and on the internet.
I seized my motor due to flash flooding (in the desert, wierd). I need a swap that is complete so I can just drop it in and go.

I was wondering what i need to be able to do this swap.
I have come up with.

Tranmission (hydro)
Shift Linkage?
Wiring Harness?

I know my harness already has vtec, so do i need another or can i use the stock one.

What about the shift linkage? Can I use the stock one.

If you have any information or links to places where i can purchase a complete swap (with no extra parts) please let me know.

b16a2 into 94 civic Ex:
Motor+tranny+obd1 ecu
Use the b16 shiftlinkage.
Use 94 Integra LS Axles or the 00 civic Si Axles.
Get a 96-00 integra GSR or Type R harness. (Not a 94-95 harness).
everyone will probly reply
try them, ive heard only good things.
im not sure if you meant b16a2 or a Sir II b16, they are two different engines.
The above is for the b16a2 swap from a 99-00 civic Si, going into 92-95 civic.
I would actually like it to be an SIRII

thanks for the info, if anyone else has some please reply.

Im pulling the siezed motor today.


Than you want a 94-95 GSR/DelSol vtec harness, or use yours, I'd use yours.
Can i use my axles from my d16z6 for a SiR II swap or do i need the axles from the swap? probally a dumb question but oh well
Originally posted by leonc@May 28 2005, 11:35 PM
Can i use my axles from my d16z6 for a SiR II swap or do i need the axles from the swap? probally a dumb question but oh well
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no you need B series axles. 94+ integra axles and intermediate shaft work.
Or if you buy the complete from HMO then the axles it comes with work and so do the mounts, you just need a new throttle cable or make a bracket, because your D16 throttle cable won't work. And you also need 94-97 DOHC Vtec Del Sol radiator hoses to hook up you rad. I think your good from there.
what kind of throttle cable do i need? or does anyone sell throttle cable brackets for this swap?


Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 3 2005, 06:22 PM
threadjack is progress

how can you tell a SiR from an SiRII with 170 hp?
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Threadjack continued.

Actually the reality of things is that SiR, and SiRII are just trim levels, availible at the same time, not model generations. so from 89-91 there are SiR's and SiRII's, from 92-95 there are SiR's and SiRII's, and same for 96-00. The II being the fully loaded B16A powered ones, and the SIR's being the equally powered, yet less optioned models.


Sorry, forgot the whole point. You can tell by...cream colored plugs instead of grey, thermostat housing, serial number, and IM.