Skunk2 Pro s

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ok so When I bought my car a had basically no knowledge of suspensions or coilovers. I am not much further along now but a little better.
When I bought my cra it had a crappy set of drop on coilovers and one of them was busted. the threads were torn stock shocks. The ride quality is terrible. I mean terrible. I am looking at fixing this situation, would the Pro s kit be a good choice? it is fairely cheap, and the company seems to have a good name and reputation. If i went wait the pro s, what else would I need for a smooth ride quality?


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they tend to ride very harshly

good for tracking the car on smooth surfaces

not so good for driving around on real world roads

whats your budget?


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you can get some VERY good set ups with a cap of $1500

lets get into this further

what do you want to use the car for??
daily driving
back road corner carving
drag racing
road course racing (HPDEs)
just lowering for looks
well it is my DD. I plan on building a mild turbo build with it in the future once I have a little more know-how on the subject. but that wont be for a while. I plan on having a weekend drag car. nothing serious. looks dont mean a lot to me. functionality is more important