NY Small garage cleanout

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few things that need to go...

integra type-R Bra 98+ $200obo
Skunk2 Pro2 cams (gsr/4k miles on them)- $300 shipped

Individual Throttle Body setup, with lines, adjustable FPR, An fittings, and calibration tool- $475 shipped
ITR header ceramic coated- $135 plus shipping

Moroso 5qt oil pan- $100 plus shipping
98+ Integra front end (fenders, bumper, headlights, hood) -$150 picked up

JG Engine Dynamics Adj. Cam Gears-$60 shipped

Eagle Rods (3 pictured the 4th is at my house, in perfect condition)-$175 shipped

GSR Block 82.5mm (comes with crank, water pump, oil pump, head studs, cradle)-$200 picked up
OBD1 P72 ECU Socketed (has top, its just removed to show its socketed)-$80 shipped
VTEC Solenoids-$20 shipped each

OBD1 GSR Distributor-$75 shipped (SOLD)

GSR Black leather Interior-$180 picked up

Del Sol Door Panels (poor condition)-$20pr plus shipping

B series linkages one with short shifter one without- $80 regular 95 with short shifter

Integra Upper control arms w/adj. ball joints- $50pr

Unorthox racing Adj. cam gears- $100, Comptech rear lower tie bar- $120, Adj upper control arms- $65

B16 oil pan with pickup- $30

DC2 Tail lights- $10 each (20pr)

MOMO Steering wheel- $20

Integra gauge cluster- $30

DC2 Headlights 1pr and 1 extra- $70pr 30single

Deatschwerks 420cc Injectors-$150 shipped

Apex Kevlar brake pads- $35

del Sol brake master cyl. aftermartket and new never used- $40

OEM H22 clutch disc 500 miles on it-$20

also came upon a set of b16 cams, and another black cloth interior for a dc2 cams-100 shipped interior 175 picked up

I have a bunch of other stuff I still need to sort through. If there is anything you need let me know, I have a bunch of random stuff sitting around, water pumps, distributors, ecu's (no p28 or p72) etc... The pic's i just added adhere to the new rules, the old ones don't. I want all of this stuff to go away, I'd prefer to see it get used as opposed to being scrapped. Prices are all OBO, but if you lowball then I won't bother responding.

All prices are OBO, would like to see it all go.
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What else would you be referring to? I'm going to use the rods again, the pistons pictured are only a set of 3 (had a ring land blow out of the 4th) I have a ton of extra factory stuff, just random odds and ends. Just let me know and if I have it then ill probably be looking to sell it cheap as long as people are realistic about shipping costs.
The valve cover looks in good shape, and I was gonna ask about all the stuff that goes in the bare block. I suppose you're shipping without any internals, pumps, or whatnot ?