spider bite

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I got this email at work today and thought I would pass it on to all of you

All, Take a look at the attached pictures of a guy who was bitten by a
>>Brown Recluse Spider. Some of the pictures towards the end are pretty
>>nasty, but take a look at the last one--it is a picture of the spider
>>itself. Now we all should know what to look out for. I thought this
would >>be a good thing to send around to people as it is summertime and
people >>are going to be digging around for yard work, etc. The Attached
pictures >>illustrate the progression of a brown recluse spider bite.
Just as a >>warning, day 3-6 photos are not too graphic. However, day 9
and 10 are >>very graphic. Your discretion is advised if you choose to
view. The final >>picture is the most important as it contains a picture
of the actual >>spider.

Please be careful, spider bites are dangerous and can have permanent and
>>highly negative consequences.

FYI - They like the darkness and tend to live in storage sheds or attics
>>or other areas that might not be frequented by people or light. If you

>>have a need to be in your attic, go up there and turn on a light and
leave >>it on for about 30 minutes before you go in to do your work.
Take caution >>when out in the yard, in storage sheds, brush pile or any
place that is >>dark and secluded.

day 3

day 4

day 5

day 6

day 9

day 10

spider that caused this much damage (brown recluse)


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Those were faked.

I've seen those exact pictures somewhere before, the last ones, it looks like someone used a fisheye lens effect of some sort to make it look bigger.

It really is that bad if left untreated, but not quite as gigantic as it's made out to be here.


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they look fake. but i'll be damned if I let one bite me.

if it was a snake bite, that would be a different story.


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The photos, if you look in the background, are photographed at a hospital.

I believe that a venomous bite can get this bad, but I think that brown recluse have a neurotoxin, and not a muscular-degenerating agent. Very few things do.

I call fake on the overall thing, but the pics can be real. I wonder what the string is around his hand though.

EDIT: WRONG. I guess they DO have a muscular / nerve degenerating inflammatory. Scary.


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i thought it was fake at first but, "after furzer inspection zees are lofers"...but anywho i think they are real and i think they string is someone trying to stich that back up. but it sucks for that guy with th ewhole in his leg


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Seen this a while ago @ snopes as well.

I dunno, I think it's real. And his thumb in that tenth pic does look like a shrimp (shape, not size).


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my boss just told me that the same thing happed to his sister on her arm.....the pics are real.....ewww


I knew like 4 guys that I was in the army with that got bitten by a brown recluse. It looked like a regular spider bite. They all noticed it right away because they said it hurts like hell. The guys went to sick call (military health care...) and they gave them some cream and other stuff. They were fine. They had to drain the pus out of the puncture hole like twice a day. It healed right up. I think the guy in those pics left it untreated for like a week or two. So yeah, those may be fake. Might be exaggerated to show what it could look like.


Note for people who shop at Shaw's Supermarkets - we found a DEAD black widow in a pallet of green grapes today. When picking through the bags while shopping - BE AWARE. We got a memo the other day advising us to wear latex gloves while handling grapes. Fuck that shit. I bought a pair of heavy-weave Kevlar cutting gloves from a online kitchen supply store. I'm not usually a safety-concious person, but venomous spiders are not to be messed with.

The only plus we have in our cooler is the fact that it's kept that a steady 35-38 deg F. Spiders are cold blooded. Spider = t3h dead, or slow as hell. Just don't piss them off.