Spindels On 91 Hatch

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Senior Member
I am currently doing a swap. Putting in a B16a. my question is will the dx civic hatch spindels work on this swap. The car was a 5 speed before the swap. Axles are taken care of..
I just did a 90 dx hatch. Kept the spindles, removed the spacer. Stock 87-89 Teg axel on drivers side, stock 90-93 Teg axel for the pass. There is no dust seal, by the way, unless you get the axels with ABS. Don't get the ABS axels, and your good. Hope this helps.
wow so they can be kept. if it were a 4 speed then i would have to change them out... thanks
I put a b18a in my car and found it way easier to just put on the 90-93 integra spindles. they bolted up and i brake faster too. The axles fit right into there.