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whats up, im planning to buy sum lowering springs...just dont no what name to go wit....im thinking of these 3, which one would YOU choose:


-H&R Springs


if you are just looking for a good lowering spring, neuspeed race, H&R, or eighbach sportlines are probably your best bet.
you should do shocks at the same time. look into the kyb agx's or koni yellows if your budget allows a little more
i would say go with neuspeed its ALOT! cheaper compared to h&r or tein but thatsjust me
well, a friend can hook me up with kyb 5-way adjustable shocks (something like that) and NEUSPEED springs ( the yellow ones; 2.5" drop) for about $540-560US flat; is it worth it?
Yeah, I have the neuspeed race, and I like them lots for being good lowering springs. My buddy has a mild autox setup on his 6th gen coupe with like neuspeed race springs, kyb agx shocks, ground control sway bars, strutbars, and tie bars, but when he had some ghetto springs on the strutsm, the cars handling sucked, then he upgraded to the neuspeed race and it made everything open up. Very much worth it.
thanx, the only thing is that, i heard that kyb agx shocks dont work well with a drop lower than 1.5" is this true?