sttelers or cardinals?

super bowl

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I really want to see a good game of smash mouth football honestly. I tossed my vote to the Cards though, Id really like to see them put it away.
youre a seahawks fan?
me too.
it shouldnt be the cardinals cuz its the closest thing to a seahawk, it should be the cardinals cuz you want pitsburg to lose.
i vote Cardinals, only because they beat my Eagles.. they deserve it.. lol
Since when the hell does B give a shit about the superbowl?? I voted Pittsburgh FTW.
I could care less about this game, but the Boss put on one hell of a halftime show. He looked like he was having the time of his life.
antonio holmes said that after larry fitzgerald scored that touchdown towards the end that he felt confident that his defense would get them the ball back.
I live near and work in Pittsburgh. This week is going to be nuts. I think I'm going to go out there tonight and bask in the revelry...

I normally hate the Steelers, but, when the Patriots are out, I have to go AFC; coupled with my close proximity to the Steel City...
Was an awesome game. The steelers played an incredible game right from the start.. amazing plays, awesome hits, very powerful football. But they kind of went down hill from there. The cardinals didn't really shine at all.. Looked like they were bored out there.
I predict Steelers. :D It was pretty boring until the 4th quarter though.
w00t. I was going for the Steelers. A lot of people were going for Cardinals simply because they were underdogs.
has anyone noticed that since the game ended, the votes for steelers went from like 6 to 16?
and cardinals went from 4 to 6..