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I've just installed a set of coilovers with my Koni shocks, replaced both of my tie rods, adjusted the ride height equally, got a proper wheel alignment, and my car pulls to the right everytime I step on the gas. I checked everything, it all seems to be tight and solid. I also noticed that to adjust the height properly between all four wheels, the setting on all four coilovers isn't identical.
Has anybody experianced a problem like this?
i never experienced the problem, on the other hand, i would go back to the place that aligned it and tell them the problem.

if that is not it, you might be hurting your bearings.

it is normal for coilovers to have different settings for the same height, the car is not 100% symetrical, so one side will weight more than the other, same thing with height. If you take a tape measurer to the race track, you will notice cars are usually angled to one side or the other. no four corners are the same height.

good luck with your settings.

did you happen to get new tires and rims for your car? the same has happened to me when i replaced the tires and rims. i found out that one of the tires was out of round or something to that effect...they replaced the tire and all was smooth
what you need to do is check on the coilovers to make sure that they are ALMOST IDENTICAL height. YOu can do this but counting how many threads of the coilvoer are remaining. That will get you to regular height. If the car still pulls, then check the tire pressure and tread of the tire. If nothing clears this problem up, then go back to the alignment store and tell them to recheck it!
Originally posted by Prowler@Feb 2 2003, 01:59 PM
If you don't have a camber kit or it's not adjusted properly, it'll pull your car, too.

that's a good point as well!
try setting your coilovers to the very top of their adjustments (highest ride setting)..then you will KNOW they are all equal...then drive and see if there's any difference. if there isn't any improvement...its not your coilovers. or more of your coilovers are not installed properly.
No matter how I set the coilovers, the car still pulls to the right. I tried checking my bearing for play, the wheel seems pretty tight. Or would I require extreme force to test the bearing. I'm stuck.
I got my car Aligned at NTB( national tire and bat.) After I droped my car, got the camber kit and aligned it I was told that they could not fix the pull on my car as well. I think I've figured my problem though. The upper control arm has a thin piece of metal that is connected to both the bolts to the fender. Take the upper control of and youll see what i'm talking about. that thin piece of metal is slightly bent on my control arm. You could try replacing that piece or the whole control arm. Though after you do it you will have to get it aligned again. They also told me that my strut could be at a bad angle(caster). Hope this helps.
are all you struts set the same damening setting ? check this if they are adjustable ensure they are all set the same