The Mail delivery people hate's me.....

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USPS...delivered the 20 of the 40 today.... :) 6 the other day...and the other 14 are somewhere :( a full carpet set for the CRX, door skins too... :lol: I feel sorry for this guy, he loaded them up in his truck, delivered them, but I was at Lowes buying bricks and sand...and he had to take them back to the PO and unload them...I was nice and went to go pick them up this morning....and 5 sets of JDM rims can fit in an 87 Civic HatchBack.... :ph34r:

Fed-ex delivered the R-180 diff (4.11:1), custom rear strut tower bar, and a turbo exhaust manifold for the Z... :lol:

UPS had the honors of shipping the race seats and more tires...4 tires in a box, 2 race seats in a box.... and more will be on the way... :ph34r:

wait till one of them finds a sandblaster in a box for delivery :ph34r: :lol: and some sand.... :D

Still got to get a powder coating kit, and an electric oven for the garage, and a fridge...warm beer is starting to suck :( plus I got to sort and figuare out which rims to keep and which ones to sell....that's the hard part :(


Jeez, I thought I got a lot of shit when I got back from Kosovo I/H/E/VAFC, random models, stereo shit and other miscellanous parts.
I'm glad to see they are getting there at last. Is there a place secure enough to keep these things ? Are they going in your bedroom ?

-> Steve


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Originally posted by jeffie7@Jun 25 2005, 11:54 AM
R180? why not a 200? tisk tisk

you should have picked up an R200 LSD from I believe the 88 300ZX
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I found the Nismo r-180 2 way LSD in Japan for $190...I'm not going to putdown power to blow a diff, but Axles will be a problem....It'll snap u-joints left and right, so I have to do the CV axle upgrade :) besides...two+ years beating on the stock R-180 open diff, with out even checking to see if there is oil in it...and it's held up to many auyocrosses, a lot of drift event, and my daily driving with a few spritied R-180 is lighter than the r-200. and the 83 280zxt is only a one way...and to upgrade it to a 2 way would eat more than $500

I got the diff case, with the 4.11:1 ring and pinions, the LSD, and the 280ZXT axles, extra r-200 axles, the r-180 axles, and now I guess I got to track down some 84 Maxima axles, and then fab those up, and also fab up the companion flange to bolt them to the stub axle on the car...and then the Z will finally be drift ready...the turbo for the Z will be peiced together over the that's no rush, plus a guy in NY has a 280ZXT motor he might give me for I got to decide on what the next mod will be. :ph34r:


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more here.... :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


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Originally posted by formby@Jun 25 2005, 07:44 PM
i want to buy some rims....
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32 of the 40 rims are 4X114.3

one set of Mugen CF-48s and one set of Watanabe RS8's are for 4x100....and the Wats are for the Civic...but the CF-48s will be for sell after I check them for damage from the shipping...and they are 14" with center caps, but the aero covers are missing.
Originally posted by TommyTheCat@Jun 25 2005, 06:35 PM
Why don't you find a cheap local powdercoater? Those ovens and kits really don't offer much long term protection.
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I know my local powdercoater, and the only difference between us and him is that he has a walk in oven. He did say to outgas aluminum by baking it at 450 degrees for a while before powdercoating and baking at 400. Otherwise the metal bubbles through the powdercoat.