Tire/rim question

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I am just wondering if I should just keep my stock 14s or what I should do they are on my 90 HB Si. let me know what you guys would do...I don't care about looks as much as being able to take corners better....tell me what you would do oh great ones or what ever... :worthy: just kidding you guys are cool..
a smaller side wall will help with cornering stability as will a wider contact patch... that said you want to take into consideration the unsprung weight and rotational mass issues involved with tire/rim upgrades.... i would suggest a lightweight 15 inch rim with a 195/50 or 205/50 tire ... definatly dont go larger than a 16 though ( there arent as many good tires available in 16 inch sizes though )
these articles will give you a pretty good understanding of what to look for


I'd stick with a light Rota (13.5lbs) 16" rim with 205/40/16's. Check the rims out at machiii.net