VTEC Leaking

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New Member
my vtec solenoid on my 1996 accord vtec is leaking oil underneath really bad any ideas? im throwing a CEL 21
honda dealer. or online somewhere
it could yes. vtec has to have pressure to work. besides it needs to be fixed anyhow. give it a try
ok thanks ill definately try it i just ordered a new vtec solenoid so ill put that in with gaskets. can i use gasket maker for that to see if it works?
alright thanks well hopefully i can get my vtec working i did a motor swap and im throwing like 4 codes its just hell right now for me and this car
i wouldnt use a gasket maker,it will just clog up the ports,
clean the surfaces really well and put a new gaset,but if your set on gasket maker use BLACK RTV and apply it smooth and even
i wouldnt use a gasket maker,it will just clog up the ports,

Werd. I wouldnt even waste the time tryin to use gasket maker. Think of the saying, "If you dont have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?" It always applies.
im throwing an ELD code, a misfire code, VTEC solenoid, and automatic transaxle but i have 5speed and i have no idea about the misfire how can i check misfires? ive got perfect compression all around