wastegate ring?

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SOHC VTEC at its best
so my turbonetics evolution wastegate is missing some type of ring to seal it properly? would it possibly be a ring like in this picture thats sitting right to the left of the wastegate? if so does anyone know where i could buy a kit that has this ring and different springs in it?


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You're going to have to call Turbonetics, they'll refer you to a distributor, and you're going to have to ask them for one and a number.


SOHC VTEC at its best
well i got ahold to turbonetics. within an hour, they emailed me back and referred me to gspec, which i gave them the turbonetics part numbers and within 2 hr of that, they had emailed me a pdf estimate sheet. was i impressed with both companies? u bet your shorts i was. i'll be ordering what i need come friday. oh yeah, the technical name for the part i was lookin for is a "wastegate valve seat".