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nice! but i would round the inner corner to the upper right of the navigation to give it a little smoother look.
thanks kyle ive been writing so much code/script that i didnt have much time for graphics. i'll change it and see how it looks.
Looks good. Only recomendation i would have is change the font on the valve cover and make it line up with the valve covers perspective. It is not perfectly centered.
no its cool man thats why i posted it so people would critique it. thanks asmallsol, i'll look into another font and try to align it better, might have to use illustrator to get the right perspective on it.
yeah the grid is black rob style

like whoa

tone it down a little bit, maybe a little less fill/opacity

Actually, id town down the entire graphic with its opacity, its bright

edit, also maybe add a nice curve, or at least a drop shadow (2/0/3) in photoshop to the side/top
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 28 2003, 05:15 PM
font is way too big
over use of the grid
better gradiant into the car

I agree with everything B said. Is the business name on the plug cover? IMO.. the name of the site needs to be more "visible".. on the plug cover is cool, but it seems hidden.
font will be in css so those arent the fonts i will be using, all the other things b said i will work on. thanks
i like it so far, except the name needs to be more prominent, and the graph probably shouldnt come out so much. where did u get that pic of that teg? been looking for info on that car. its owned by a local shop here (inline four).