Welded Mounts

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I dont know anything about motor mounts. I was told that mine were welded. I have a lsvtec in a 88 hatchback. Can I reuse the mounts. I wantted to put it into another 88 hatchback that is alot nicer then mine?
If the mounts are removable (however they installed the engine) then you can pull it all out and drop it into another 88 just fine. If they moved some of the mounts in your engine bay, you'll have to do it all over again...
take a pic dude- it will show yes or no right away
Originally posted by civicracer901@Jan 2 2003, 08:59 PM
ok iam confused? What do you mean moved the mounts? what iam looking for to see if I can use them again?

If they moved the mount points inside the engine bay... if not, you should be able to just pull it all out and reuse the mounts in the other car.
Mount points? sorry to be so retarded about this I dont have freinds. What do you mean moved the mount points, how is that possiable? please :)
Yes, moved the mount points. Go look at the brackets that are in your engine bay, which hold the mounts to body- the same mounts which hook up to your engine. Compare it to the other Civic. If the mount points on the chassis (not the engine) are all the same place, you should be ok for transferring your engine to the next car.

Look at one of my mounts:


The white bracket is the stock mount point on the chassis, the red and black piece is the actual mount, then it's bolted to the engine at its own mount point. If all those brackets match up from your car to the "new" one, then you should be fine with reusing everything you've got right now... at least for mounting the engine into the other car.