What to ask for price????

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Hi i have a 1988 civic hatch dx with a dohc zc motor with intake, headers and exhuast. i want to get out of this boddy style, i want a newer honda i dont want to be ripped off so i need some oppions on an asking price thank you.







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mileage? if everything works and is in good order (other than the body obviously) that looks like a $1200-$1500 car to me. But it depends on your area and how much they go for around you.
2000 obo, you'll probably get 12-1500 like klyph said but if someone will give you 2 grand you might as well try. whats the mileage
mileage is 127,XXX.....there is alot of mods so i dont know if that maks a difference..
mods are

wings west body kit
front and rear disk breaks
front and rear camber kit
lowerd 1.5 on nuespeed springs
17' tenzo-R rims
all new tires
HID headlight with projector lenses
racing seats
quad guage pod kit
two 12' subs
alpine door speakers
short throw shifter
jvc stereo
dohc zc
dc sport headers
OBX-R exhaust
no name intake
have zex nitrous kit but never installed it

so dont know if that makes a difference on a price
thats cool man just offerin somethin, that woulda been picked up! didnt mean to low ball
ALSO since photos
new dizzy 100miles on it
front and rear break pads 100miles
motor has been re sealed and new gaskets 100miles
new radiator 100miles
new injectors 50miles

im just sick of spending money on this ef i would rather blow money on newer year honda
so.....$2200obo is what i think ill settle with sound good????/