Whats A Difference In Obd1 And Obd2?

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Whats a difference in OBD1 and OBD2?
And what do I have to do If I want to change my 95 civic EX which have OBD1 to OBD2?

And one more question B18C1 is OBD1 and OBD2 so how is it going to work?

Can I swap B18c1 without doing anything to my OBD1?

So here are some of my stupid question that I am trying to find aswer for. Please just answer them?
94-95 b18c's are obdI
96+ are obdII

you can swap a 94-95 in your car no with no problems

if you get a 96+ you can use an obdI ecu, or you can use the obdII ecu with a jumper harness
Why do you want to use OBD2??

Your car is OBD1, there is no reason to make it OBD2.

Yes you can swap in an OBD2 engine without changing to OBD2. You need to get OBD1 ECU, Injectors, Engine Harness, and distributor. You can use the OBD2 distributor and injectors if you change some wiring, but the OBD1 stuff bolts uo and is plug and play.
my car is obdII and i made it obdI, trust me, you dont want to go obdII.
the difference between the two is what the ecu looks at, obdII is more strict, looks at more sensors, is more "smog" friendly than obdI. obdI is easier to tune.
obd2 sucks.
keep your car obd1

the real difference is that there is a 2nd o2 sensor after the cat.
other than that, its the plugs that are different.

if you have an obd2 motor to go in, its not too hard to make it obd1. run an obd1 ecu, and swap out the plugs from your d-series harness for the most part.

we can give you more specifics as the time gets nearer and you actually choose a motor
Can some one guide me in to what I need to do to make my car run right. It does not want to accelerate when I give it gas.....it stalls.hesitates. boggs down and does nothing ......its a b20 in a1995 civic hatchback with a p75 ecu it has obd2 dizzy and injectors what is wrong here......??????


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