whats the best all around honda

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Whats the best honda to work on for a project car. Strickly NA setup, no swap. And i mean all round best honda (take into consideration chassi, engine, tranny, weight).
92-95 civic cx/vx/dx

5th gen hatchbacks are the best platform for a variety of reasons...lightweight, aftermarket support, ease of swap, 92's are prewired for everything but knock sensor...
2nd gen CRX or a 92 CX
in that case get an integra type r

lol damn you beat me
well just making plan for a second car. I have 4g accord and you guys all know no alot of advantages with it.
if you dont want to swap the engine you need a car with a good engine to start with ...

h22a prelude-- gut the fuck outta it to save some weight
integra GSR-- again gut it out for weight and build up the engine possibly boost it
integra type r-- same as the GSR but no boost
integra LS-- gut it and boost it
civic si(B16A)-- gut it boost it (last choice cuz it has no freakin torque)
i would say any thing with a b series engine
Originally posted by rico2001@Nov 3 2002, 11:15 PM
is there a type r 2g integra

no ... contrary to popular belief of people with type r stickers on them everywhere
heh, id have to say that the best all round honda would be a the 2002 Jordan DHL F1 car :worthy:

the next best would have to be the NSX type R (maybe thats just in GT3)
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Nov 3 2002, 11:11 PM
in that case get an integra type r

lol damn you beat me

i would dissagree. you can get an LS/GSR for lots less and then spen the money difference on making if fast(er than an ITR)