whats the best all around honda

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Originally posted by 98integrals@Nov 3 2002, 11:34 PM
i would dissagree. you can get an LS/GSR for lots less and then spen the money difference on making if fast(er than an ITR)

thats only true if you dont plan on doing any mods to the type r ... will it cost more? yes... is the type r a better platform? yes... if you were to mod the ITR like the GSR would it kick the fuck out of it? yup
NSX all the way. There is no better Honda NA engine.
For boost the Honda V10 run in F1.
the godfather of honda performance (founder of spoon sports) was asked this and he said the best production honda ever is the S2000.
The problem here is that what you asked was way to vague.

There's a bunch of answers- as well as opinions.

#1- whats the best BONE STOCK car. For what?
for drag, i would pick h22 lude. for autox, id pick an ITR of 91 crx si

#2- whats the best car to BUILD without swapping....
for drag- i would say a 99-00 civic si, h22 lude, or a gsr integra.
for autox- i would say itr

in other words THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the best car...