Which Street Tires?

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the yokohamas are shit, go with the falken azenis.
i'm using the yokohama avs es 100's, i love em, great for traction, check out the reviews on TireRack.com.com, they also have the best prices there!.. and, yoko's are not "shit"
my friend has them on his 97 eagle talon, they were bald in less than a month, but then again he rods the piss out if his car. :unsure:
personally i like the Falken Azeni's, damn good traction.... launching at 5500 RPM on the track with no slippage at all ;D
i must have missed those, maybe because i was looking under del sol VTEC instead of the si, must filter out the lower speed rating tires.
anyone using dunlop fm901's? i need street tires! not race tires! i already have my advan tires...
how long do those azenis last? i like how it looks! like hte potenzas too.... i heard the so3's lasts long..
The Best one would be :
Toyo Proxes T1-S Ultra Performance

Really nice tires, and they stick to the ground, even if it's raining!!!