wiring harness problems

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ok here's some info about the car. it was originally a 93 civic dx automatic. he did a 5spd conversion. now he has a b16a2 out of a 99si, using the original dx harness, and a 95 ex ecu. the car runs, the idle surges and after about 5 minutes the iac opens wide open and it dies. i can't figure out why the hell it ain't running. anybody got ideas? and will a 94-95 gsr harness work? if i use that i don't have to run new lines for the knock sensor or vtec.

any ideas would be appreciated
i have a 94 civic ex with a 93 b16a3 computer with a mugen
race chip but the vtec pin placement is in a different spot
and i cannot locate it on the ecu, can you help me with the
difference vtec solenoid engagement pin
gsr harness will workalthough if using dx harnes you will add 7 wires.the problem your explaining sounds like the map sensor is not working.make sure your using the map sensor plug from the fire wall if you are using the dx harness.