wiring question

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Im about to put in my d15b into my eg hatch and im finishing up all the wiring but I noticed that on the intake manifold for my old non series vtec i have the evap solonoid valve and on the d15b i dont, there doesnt even seem to be anywhere to install one. the si wiring harness im using has the extra plug for this valve but since its not there i dont have anywhere to plug it into, is this going to throw a CEL when i get it all in the car? my next question is the map sensor on the d15b can be plugged in but it snapped off the tb, but the one off my old stock motor is intact...theres different serial numbers on each but can i take the one from the old motor and put it on the new one? sorry if these a noob questions but engine wiring is definatly not one of my strong points.
I would say the map sensors would be interchangable if it were a VTEC motor it came off from but from a non vtec motor idk, sounds kind of iffy there! just my 2 cents
the map sensor is changed, im wondering about the solonoid thats behind the intake mani, its on my non vte but not the vtec, there isnt even a bracket to mount it on. im not home but i will try and post pictures, without it i now have a loose plug and a tiny loose hose.
where did you put the hose from the charcoal canister to that solenoid vave?
I got rid of the solenoid and left the plug loose, the car runs fine.
thats exactly what i have going now, the hose is just flopping around, i mean its not bothering me but i didnt start the car yet with the new motor and i dont want a cel