Wrong Engine List?

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When I search for the 94-97 Accord EX engine, it says F22B1, dohc, non-VTEC...Is this right? my friend wants some things for his engine, I wasnt sure what series it was, I looked on the block but couldn't find it, but I know it had a VTEC valve cover...I know it's not just his car, my sister had the exact same car, also with VTEC....what gives? I didn't think it was a 2.2 litre either. :wtf:
It's a 2.2L SOHC VTEC. I haven't gotten around to fixing the list yet... but I'll get to it later this week.
i have a friend with a 96 LX and he has a h23, SOHC VTEC
F22B1: SOHC VTEC, came in 94-97 Accord EX's
F22B2: SOHC non-VTEC, came in 94-97 Accord DX, LX and SE's
H23: DOHC non-VTEC, came in 92-96 Prelude Si's
H22: DOHC VTEC, came in 93 and up Prelude Si VTEC's
well someone must have mis stamped it or something, because it has H23 stamped on the block, it's a SOHC VTEC engine, and no, no ones done any kind of swap on it because the guy's had it since day 1, and has only put an intake on it. i will get pics of it if you want me to.
oh shit, i got my letters fuxored up, lmao. sorry about that. and it's a 96-98, i know its a diff generation, but i can;t remember what one it is, but i know its in that range
I think you mean 96-97. The 98-02 Accords are the real vanilla-looking ones with almost zero style (my apologies to the 98-02 drivers).
i'm not sure, i got all confused about the generations the otehr day...a friend of mine bought an accord that i thought wa a 5th generation, but it was a 6th, so i ono anymore
On 94-97 Accords, the taillight are more triangle-ish, where the 98-on look more granny-ish.
Right, but the 94-95 tails end at the trunk and have one style of lights, while the 96-97 have the lights that continue past the trunk with the lamps laid out different from the 94-95.
94-95 Accord:

96-97 Accord:
plus these

98-02 Accord Coupe:
(the NSX-looking tails)
98-02 Accord Sedan:

ahhh, ok.. i thought it was different, hence why my generation scale was off, lol