WTB: Cold Air Intake for B18C1 swap into eg

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New Member
Looking for a cold air intake that will not have any clearance issues on my B18C1 that's in an eg hatch. I'd like to have AEM, Injen, or PasswordJDM. PM me with details if you have anything. Short ram or true cold air is fine. Thanks for looking!
I realize that and I've been looking on ebay....posted here to see if anyone has something used that's a little cheaper....this will only be like the millionth one I've bought, lol.
well the ebay ones are fairly cheap,and ou can cut it up to make it fit right
soo it doesnt matter which kind of intake you buy??
because I have a EF wit a b16 and I dont wanna order a cold air intake that wont fit..
any help??