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i want to buy a zc from this guy for $400. he says the motor is in great condition but has been in one car in the US after being imported. what do i look for when checking the motor over before i buy it? the external cosmetics are very good and when the valve cover is removed it looks very clean. he said that it needs a cam positioning sensor?(maybe throttle pos sensor it was hard to hear him on the cell phone) i have never heard of a cam pos. sens. can this sensor be taken from the integra counterpart? the motor does not come with tranny or ecu so i plan to use my factory Si tranny and an 88-89 integra ecu. thanks for reading all of my questions--dave
if the motor has oil in it check it, and see what condition the oil is in, because depending on the form of the oil, it will tell you how the motor is, but i dont know if u can tell just off of the oil if its good or bad it took me a while to get it...
but the motor comes with a dc 4-2-1 header p+p head with matched IM and TB he said he would also throw in new ngk plugs and wires. thats why i want it. the header alone retails for 200+ and he is trusted by most of my friends. and i dont wanna wait for shipping :(