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    who did their swap themselves?

    Me and 2 of my boys dropped a B16A SiRII into my 95 4 Door DX Civic. B16ASirII: ITR Intake Manifold ITR Injectors AEM Short Ram Intake Skunk2 Chipped P28 Prothane Motor Mount Inserts Prothane Shift Linkage Inserts Clutchmasters Stage 1 2 1/2" Catback Exhaust Never had the chance to take it to...
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    RSX-S WHEELS?!?!

    I have a 2003 Premium White RSX Type S. I haven't been able to decide which wheels I want to get. I want either the 2002 Honda Integra Type R Stocks in white or the Buddy Club P-2's. (Gunmetal with a polished lip.) I am already getting the type R lip kit and the type r wing and already have...
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    B16 Intake Manifold. Aem Cam Gear...etc.

    I am selling an intake manifold off of my Sir2, as well as an AEM cam gear for a 96-2000 SOHC d16 (also fits 96-97 DEL SOl SOHC) and a RHD front clip off of a EG6(no motor tranny ecu, or headlights just necessary parts for the RHD swap including dash.) Make an offer!!!!
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    Need Help On How To Build!

    Ok...I have a B16a Sir2. All I have on it now is an ITR manifold, Prothane motor mount inserts, an intake, exhaust, stage 1 Clutchmasters clutch, ITR injectors and a Skunk2 chipped p28. I have started gathering parts to throw in there. Right now at my disposal I have a completely built head...
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    Crx Girl's Car?

    Let me just add something. When people with domestic cars compare their cars to Hondas they always do it in their favor. Why is that? Why do they take their fastest Ford car...i.e. Mustang Cobra and compare it to Hondas (almost) weakest car like a civic. Why dont you see them comparing their...
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    Aem Cam Gear For Sale

    I am selling an AEM Cam Gear for a Civic 1996-00 D16 SOHC and it also fits Del Sol 1996-97 D16 SOHC. Part #23-604C (Silver Finish) It is brand new and has never been used, however I have lost the box. It is in mint condition!!! Asking $75! * Increases horsepower and torque without any cam...
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    Happy Little Camper!

    I'll try to get some pictures of my car and the swap up tomorrow. I sold the LS to my friend with a Del SOl...hes dropping it in next week. Other than that I'm just enjoying driving my car more and more everyday...peace MaRiO
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    Right Hand Drive Clip

    Selling a japanese right hand drive Honda civic front clip, Dash, Firewall and Wire Harness for 92-95 EG6. No motor, tranny, ecu. or gauges. Just the frame and firewall, wire harness...prefect for a right hand drive swap. Make an offer. MaRiO
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    Happy Little Camper!

    I just finished dropping in my B16A SiR2 into my 4 door 95 DX Sedan....WOW What a big difference over the LS motor I had in there before. So far I have put in Urethane motor mount inserts, a Skunk2 Chipped P28, ClutchMasters Stage 1 clutch, and tomorrow I am gonna put in the Integra Type R...
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    Jdm Ecu

    I just ordered the complete front clip from a 92-95 EG SIR2. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this ECU redlines at and at what RPM is the VTEC engagement? Thanks LS Powered 95 DX 4 Door.
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    Mugen Wheels

    Quick question. What is the Original color of the Mugen Wheels? (The ones that Rota calls the Circuit 8's) Black?? or are there more colors? Thanks MaRiO
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    H22a Civic

    Ok, I have decided to pull the b18b outta my 95 DX Sedan. I wanna throw in an H22. Just wanna make sure I get all the right parts. 1. H22 Motor, Tranny, ECU 2. Motor Mount Kit (Hasport, Place Racing, Etc.) 3. Wiring Harness Conversion 4. Axles*** Does all that sound about right? Anything...
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    Dual Exhaust?

    Ok now I understand that it doesnt help much...but how would it be done right? I am only asking because my new back bumper might have 2 exhaust holes, and there is no way that I am going to waste a perfeclty good Apexi N1 by using it as a dummy. (When I can look at 2 N1's doing the same work...
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    Dual Exhaust?

    I have heard different things about Dual Exhaust. Some people tell me that you lose too much backpressure and it slows you down. Others tell me it helps the car ("if done right" <---whatever that means) with top end. Can someone clear this up for me once and fore all?? Thanks!! :moon:
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    Grindin Gears!!!

    Ok quick do you match the RPM's? How exaclty do you do that? Will it still grind? :blink:
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    Grindin Gears!!!

    So does that mean that my synchro's are messed up for sure? How long till they go out completely? (A rough estimate I know it depends on driving conditions and all that) Great..and I have only had this engine for like 3 or 4 months......yay :angry:
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    Grindin Gears!!!

    I have a question. I have a b18b1 in my 95 Civic DX Sedan with a Clutchmasters stage 1 in it. I just had the clutch put in a month ago. Yesterday when I was driving whenever I would shift in to third gear I would hear a grind when I was over about 4,000 RPM's. It doesnt grind when I drive it...
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    Civic to Integra brake upgrade.

    I have a 95 4 door Civic DX with a B18B1 LS motor in it. After I got the engine swap I have noticed it's alot harder to STOP!!! :bash: So I wanna put some Integra brakes in the front and also in the back. I just wanna know what parts I need to ask for when I call the Junkyards to get the...
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    TURBO Worries.

    If I were to get a Hondata how exactly do they tune it? Do you have to tell them everything your car has now? Or they it in certain stages? would an upgraded fuel pump also be neccessary when boosting? Thanks for the all your info once again SOL.
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    TURBO Worries.

    Aight, I've decided to turbo my LS. I am just not sure what set up I wanna go with. :withstupid: I haven't decided on exaclty what turbo I want yet. But it's my daily driver and I am looking for a boost of about 100HP. I want it to be fast yet safe and reliable. I plan on changing the...
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